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To provide the vaulting community with a convenient
source of reasonably priced, quality vaulting equipment.
To encourage the expansion of vaulting.

PVS donates many prizes to the American Vaulting Association such as the AVA Horse of the Year Award Blanket

In 1991, Kitchy Burdette of Soquel, California started importing vaulting shoes from Germany because they were so difficult to obtain in the United States. Kitchy had travelled to Europe for a vaulting competition and serendipitously met up with Michael Spädinger, who said, "I'm going to send you home with a suitcase full of shoes, and you are going to be my American supplier." Kitchy agreed and Pegasus Vaulting Supply was born. This business soon grew to include other vaulting equipment as Kitchy teamed up with national champion vaulter and coach Merrill Leffmann, and Merrill's German husband, Dieter Bollmann.

Kitchy Burdette has been a horsewoman all her life                                 Kitchy with her daughter, Barbie                     AVA r Judge Kitchy              Kitchy with her band


PVS is a home-based business with surcingles on the banister and shoes ordered in cubbies in Kitchy's home office. We are spread out over the western part of the US, with Merrill and Dieter now in Arizona, Emily living in a very rural part of Northern California and Kitchy living in Soquel (near Santa Cruz), Calfornia.
Kitchy is the heart of the business, as well as the one who fills orders and keeps us current in the vaulting community. Pegasus Vaulters was the name of her competitive vaulting club in Soquel, California, owned and coached by Kitchy Burdette. After 13 years of coaching, Kitchy retired from competition in order to spend more time with her children. She is now a recognized AVA Judge (r) of the American Vaulting Association. Outside of PVS, she enjoys singing, assistant directing in a choir, and performing and recording. A retired teacher, Kitchy also teaches high school on an as-needed basis. Her kids, former vaulters Barbie and Morgan, are now grown up with busy lives and children of their own.
Dieter and Merrill are now based in Arizona. Dieter is in charge of German purchasing, international shipping and pricing. He is also a financial planner and an active dad. Merrill grew up vaulting in her back yard, and, many years later formed a vaulting team in her backyard for her daughter. In between, she competed with and coached for Kitchy and Pegasus Vaulters. Merrill now helps out as needed. She is also a cabaret singer, voice teacher, recording artist and active mom. Her lullaby and Christmas CDs and other music can be heard at

Kitchy and the band                                                            Voice Coach Merrill Leffman

                        For more information contact: 831-475-8679 Pegasus Vaulting Supply.