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If you don’t see what you want, please contact us. If they make it, we can get it!

Bleyer has closed their doors. We are limited to stock on hand. We have Grooved, Split, Boots and Wintershoes in most sizes. We also have some limited sizes and  styles of Trostel, and are selling at a discount of $20.00 for Grooved and $30.00 forVaulting Shoes - Pegasus Vaulting Supply Splits.

Please call me if you want to order Trostels before you make your order so that I know that you want Trostels.

Rass replaced Bleyer in August in producing a limited selection of former Bleyer vaulting shoes, the grooved, the Pro splits, and the Nadias.

Rass had a previously supported Bleyer with the production of these models and are familiar with them. However the company is still ramping up to cover the whole production of these shoes and delivery times are currently four weeks plus.
Rass was founded in 1975 and started with the design and production of ski jumping boots. Over the years they have added other sports shoes and are now manufacturing soccer shoes, indoor sports shoes, casual shoes, isolated winter boots, parade dance boots, jazz dance shoes, rock-n-roll dance shoes, boogie-woogie dance shoes, and now vaulting shoes.

A special service are custom-sized shoes and an inhouse orthopedic shoemaker workshop. All shoes are 100% made in Germany.


~~ Domestic Shipping ~~

One pair is $10, $11, or $15, depending on style.
For multiple pairs ordered together: shipping charges will be adjusted and refunded.
For any PayPal overcharges, Kelley will refund the difference.

~~ International Shipping ~~

International Orders, Contact: or (707) 481-5282

** International Shipping Orders: For all items: you must contact us before we can ship your item(s).

** All additional extra shipping cost payments MUST be made through PayPal **

(We cannot process payments from International banks, such as Interac-eTransfer)

See below for Sizes – Shoes must be ordered in METRIC sizes!

Note: Bleyer biggest size available is now 46 (Trostel was doing us a favor to make sizes 47, 48, and 49).


Custom styles/colors may be ordered, with some stipulations:

  • They are not returnable.
  • There could be additional costs incurred:
  • The special shipping costs for any item(s) from Germany.

** Return Policy **

If PVS makes a mistake in shipping, PVS will cover the shipping costs for the return, and the new item.

Otherwise, you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.

You will need to enclose a check for $10.00 for shipping/handling of the replacement shoes.